Hors D'oeuvre

Port-wine seasoned soft sharp cheddar cheese with a variety of crackers


Fresh assorted fruits

Fresh Spinach Salad

with fresh mushrooms, walnuts, mandarin oranges and the ship's dressing of herbs, wine vinegar, oil and honey

Entrée Selections

Prime Rib

Slow roasted, perfectly tender.  Served with baked potato, sour cream and butter.

Stuffed Shrimp with Crab

Jumbo shrimp stuffed with breaded crab and seasoning served on a bed of fluffy rice and topped with fresh hollandaise sauce.

Fillet of Haddock

with white wine sauce and new baby potatoes.

Poached Salmon

with fresh hollandaise sauce and tarragon with new baby potatoes.

Cornish Game Hen

served with rice and wild morel mushroom sauce.

Vegetarian Platter

served with seasonal vegetables.  No animal products.

Pasta Primavera

tossed with carrots, snow peas and olive oil and topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms and pine nuts.


Matt and Carrie's Wedding Cake

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